Hanging it up

This is my last post.

@cockiness is gone and @julianperretta was suspended

@julianperretta managed to get his account back, but last I checked he seemed to have stopped retweeting without attribution.

Twitter is really slow on addressing this issue, even though it’s in violation of their TOS.

The best hope of getting someone to stop:

  1. Request they remove specific tweets

  2. If they don’t (after at least 24 hours), report them.

And keep reporting them.

This is definitely a “squeaky wheel” issue. Twitter seems to only address it when it generates a significant amount of noise.

Sorry about the delays

Tumblr decided NOT to tell me when I had new messages, so I didn’t see that there were some piled up.

If you send something here and don’t see it in 24 hours, please yell at me on twitter @tweetthief.


If I had a penis for a day… First thing I’d do is swivel my hips and get it going like a windmill.



I put the SEXY in DYSLEXIA.



If God didn’t want us to masturbate, He would have made us all with T-Rex arms.



A fool and his money are my kind of date.




@cockiness is brazenly stealing other peoples tweets

Step 1. Develop bullshit persona. Step 2. Use exclusively till believed. Step 3. Marvel at how no one *gets* the real you.



It’s called “iceberg lettuce” because even though you only see 10% of it, it actually makes up 90% of your Subway sammich.



Not only has Zen failed to cure me of my hoarding, but now I’m running out of space to stash all this emptiness.



Those are just 3 examples that I immediately knew and recognized. This guy is shameless. It looks like *everything* he is posting is stolen.

FYI: It’s spelled “grammar”. “Grammer” is your white trash grandmother.



@cockiness a newly discovered tweet thief

@ sucittaM gave me a head’s up about @cockiness. He’s stolen two from me that I know of at this point and at least one from @sucittaM. His tweets seem to come pretty often so expect that almost everything he posts is stolen.

The original tweet: Murderers, thieves, and people who say “jew-ler-ree.” I expect they’ll all end up in the same Special Needs corner of hell.

Him: http://twitter.com/cockiness/status/10289614199

Me: http://twitter.com/StillDrew/status/10083957523

The original tweet: I just sneezed three times in a row and it was amazing. I think my immune system is offering me a consolation prize for not getting any.

Him: http://twitter.com/cockiness/status/10289588811

Me: http://twitter.com/StillDrew/status/10282902431

The original tweet from @succitaM: I have a headache. I want to take some pills, but I left them all in Corey Haim. (look at that, my Brittany Murphy joke is versitile!)


The stolen version by @cockiness: I have a headache. I want to take some pills, but I left them all in Corey Haim. :/


@antoinnej plagiarized @dwineman, @adamisacson, @mitdasein

Original (mine): http://twitter.com/dwineman/status/11103236847
Plagiarized: http://twitter.com/antoinnej/status/11103662986

Original: http://twitter.com/adamisacson/status/11046299146
Plagiarized: http://twitter.com/antoinnej/status/11052586712

Original: http://twitter.com/mitdasein/statuses/10395031354
Plagiarized: http://twitter.com/antoinnej/status/10395251652

I’ve notified the user (who ignored me) and reported the incidents to Twit
@theillking plagiarized @dwineman, @Just_Alison, @dresspants, @Zaius13, @GorillaSushi, many others

Nearly all of this user’s stream is stolen. Examples:

Original: http://twitter.com/dwineman/status/11103236847 Plagiarized: http://twitter.com/theillking/status/11119903105

Original: http://twitter.com/Just_Alison/status/10303955457 Plagiarized: http://twitter.com/theillking/status/10312854179

Original: http://twitter.com/dresspants/status/5042968804 Plagiarized: http://twitter.com/theillking/status/10633809677

Original: http://twitter.com/Zaius13/status/10032858023 Plagiarized: http://twitter.com/theillking/status/10143111516

Original: http://twitter.com/GorillaSushi/status/9071185149 Plagiarized: http://twitter.com/theillking/status/10120587424

I’ve contacted the user (who ignored me) and notified Twitter.

Singer Julian Perretta

conceptually, i struggle to fully comprehend why showers get dirty.



this guy has stolen multiple tweets from a bunch of people.

@like_the_TEA is plagiarizing several people.

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rampant plagiarism of the “white people / Winter Olympics” joke

The latest I saw was from @oldfunnyjoker, which sounds an awful lot like the @funnyjoker account that was suspended a while ago: http://twitter.com/oldfunnyjoker/status/9394814499

Many, many people have RT’ed this without attribution. Some have attributed it, but to the wrong person, due to the previous person stealing it.

Original: http://twitter.com/itsderekhuff/statuses/9347785942



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